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by TechMynd on December 30, 2012

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WordPress is a CMS that can really help your online business to expand in short time. You get maximum control over your website and its users in less time. Its more powerful and flexible than any CMS available. You can expand its functionality as you need. Custom database driven dynamic websites (with custom admin section) take at least one month to get developed, while WordPress CMS driven dynamic websites including full functionality and admin control panel can be developed in fifteen days.

So, what else will you get in a website that is developed in WordPress CMS.

  • Full Admin Management
  • Spam Control
  • Ultimate SEO for each and every section of website
  • Secure contact form
  • Website Pages Display Control (visible, hidden, public, private pages)
  • Google XML sitemaps for full website
  • Admin login security (admin protection – admin firewall)
  • Reports on most popular content and pages
  • Control internal and external links of website (follow or no-follow, target window)
  • Comments subscriptions
  • To do lists management
  • Full website cache to make website load faster
  • Embed code capability in website content
  • Fancy URLs and website links (control URL structure)
  • Fancy page numbers navigation across website
  • Breadcrumbs across website
  • Website sharing options
  • RSS feeds for website content
  • Mass photo uploader
  • Photo galleries
  • Website functionality expanding capabilities
  • Control sidebars and add new elements/widgets to sidebars
  • Add banners, adds anywhere in website
  • Moderate comments
  • Add/edit pages, posts, categories, tags
  • Website search
  • Website archives, Tags archives, Category archives
  • Embed code, text, ads at the top or bottom of page/post content
  • Control admin visuals and personalize it to your website color scheme
  • Control admin menus (add new,hide,edit)
  • Brand your admin login page and admin aection fully
  • Rotate ads/content/images/text on website sidebar
  • Add videos, display videos in website, video galleries support, add videos from YouTube and online video streaming websites
  • Backup your website content and database from admin
  • Add shopping cart and accept payments on website
  • Add icons to category and pages links
  • Control admin area and add/edit/remove sections according to your needs, customize admin dashboard
  • Post Google maps in website whereever you need
  • Add photo gallery sliders, features content in website
  • Add PHP/Javascript code in sidebar
  • Event registration and booking management. Recurring events, locations, google maps, rss, booking registration and more
  • Add Flickr photos or Flickr photo galleries in website by providing username or search term
  • Star ratings for website pages/posts/content
  • Flash photo album galleries
  • Customize header and footer and add custom code/text/links in header and footer of website
  • Add lightbox photo galleries and website overlay photos in website
  • Customize website links, add custom links in website sidebar
  • Mailing lists
  • User subscriptions management
  • Custom newsletters for website users
  • Custom invoice
  • Add custom fields in posts/pages to display additional information
  • Photo slideshows
  • Redirection management, redirect URLs
  • Crop, resize, rotate, watermark images and post them
  • Add custom sidebar navigations
  • Add countdown
  • Edit htaccess and meta robots file from admin
  • Display popular pages of website
  • Hide unwanted items within the write/edit screens and options
  • Add polls in website
  • Display your website and social media statistics in admin and in website
  • Greet visitors and encourage them to share your website
  • Add/edit customize website maintenance mode page
  • Add support for mobile devices, website will display its mobile version when viewed in smart phone

And so much more…

These all features will cost you more and take much longer time to get developed if you do not use WordPress developer. WordPress is a fully blown mature content management system that has received much love from developers and open source community from all around the world, so developers have to work less while developing dynamic websites using WordPress.

We are able to develop your dynamic website in WordPress CMS with all the above features. Contact us today to create your dynamic website in fifteen days. We have affordable packages to offer for our clients.

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