SEO – Website Optimization

Having a great website means little if it can not be found in search results by potential customers.

Top level website rankings or search engine position are a product of thoughtful and correct keyword densities, proper Meta Tags and optimized linking strategies. In one hand, there are keywords that pay high and in the other there are keywords that are searched more than other keywords for any product/service. By combining most searched keywords and highly payable keywords brings success to the business.

These website ranking basics sound simple but few websites are built with website optimization and ranking principles in mind. Most webmasters are just not website ranking experts, but we are!

Meta Tags and Website Rankings

Search Engine robots crawl the Meta Tags to find what the page is about, robots search for the keywords that are being searched on. If the keywords that address your website are not here in the Meta Tags the search engine robots will not properly identify and rank your web site for the search. Your important incoming business traffic will suffer greatly.

Page Text Content and Website Optimization

Content in relation to search engine optimization means, keyword content, the search term or keyword that is searched on. Your websites pages will be crawled by search engine robots looking for the keyword or search term entered in the search.

Robots will compile all the keyword data collected from the web page and combine this with Meta Tag information for a match and add in your optimized linking to come up with website rankings. With correct components your site should show good results in website rankings on search engines.

We work for you to see this balance is reached for best website rankings.

Search Engines don’t read Graphics and Photos

Having a great looking website does not mean the website rankings or search engine placement will be good and drive the traffic you desire. Robots can not read Flash objects, scripts, photos or graphics! Search engine robots only read website text! The website text used needs the search terms or keywords that drive traffic in proper densities to be effective for website rankings. And there is also a way to even make photos and graphics readable by search engines.

Researching Keywords and Search Terms for Traffic Driving Qualities very important to Website Rankings

Each page of your website should have a distinct purpose and with this targeted keywords or search terms that drive traffic to the page. Traffic generation to a website is enhanced when internal pages are optimized and ranked in search engine results as well as the website home page.

Choosing productive search terms that relate to your website is often over looked. Keywords or search terms need to be researched and chosen for there traffic generating qualities to make your website productive and rankings high in search results.

Knowing your Website Rankings competition is important

Great website rankings and optimization requires knowing the competition for your chosen keywords or search terms is a critical step in improving website rankings. We include a review of the competition for your search terms in our Website Rankings and Optimization Services quarterly report so you know where you stand and what it takes to get on top in website rankings.

Get your Business Listed in Local Search Directories

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