PHP Simple Cache

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Cache created for this page. Go to homepage to verify.

This page will be cached.
Cached page will be created and stored in siteCache folder.
On reload, cache file will be created if it does not exist or has expired for this page.
If you submit form or post variables, cache will be cleared and refresh copy of page will be displayed.

Cache On - Variables Test

Try passing PHP variables to this page.

Variable 1 Variable 2

Cache On - Post Form Test

Can post, get, sessions, forms work with this cache while its on? Yes! Try form below:


Use this php code at top of every page that you want to be stored in cache.


Basically include cache.php file in every page at the top. If you do not want to include this file in every page (Duh! Who does?), include it in db file OR config file OR settings file of project. Generally these files are used in every dynamic page of project.

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