Selecting the best solution for website design and development is one of the most complex tasks a business must undertake. There are literally thousands of options from free-lance designers, to large national ad agencies and IT consultancies. Development processes range from a few hours putting together sites of amateur quality to projects by an organization with a proven and refined process for crafting a world-class web presence. Costs range from virtually free to millions of dollars – and every web developer is marketing their offering as a complete “results driven” solution.

So how can you determine who should create your next online brand or application?

The below faqs will help you cut through the marketing smoke and mirrors that some companies use to over charge and hide deficiencies. It will arm you with the Questions that will separate the real result getters from the rest. In the end it will provide a true apples-to-apples comparison so you can make the right choice the first time.

The Business

01. Question – How long have you been in business?
Our Answer – Since 2002.

02. Question – Are you financially stable and debt free?
Our Answer – We attribute our resiliency to our efficient process-driven operation that keeps costs low yet delivers world-class results. Our extraordinary growth comes from a balance of existing loyal customers that want to build on their success and new clients who are committed to “doing things right.”


03. Question – How many years have you building websites?
Our Answer – TechMynd was founded in 2004 specifically to research web best practices and build best-of-breed websites. The managing director of the agency created his first website in 2002. Our creative designers and programmers average 4 years of experience building websites.

04. Question – How many online solutions have you developed?
Our Answer – TechMynd’s Team has built several websites in its history. We currently average completing 2 to 3 websites a month. Enough to provide a broad range of experience and still allow us to treat every project with the attention you deserve.

05. Question – Where can I see samples of your previous work?
Our Answer – You can view many of our projects through our online portfolio.

06. Question – For what industries have you created web solutions?
Our Answer – TechMynd does not specialize by industry. We have experience with a broad range of industries and class of businesses. Most of our clients are business-to-business (B2B) services or products providers. We also have several business-to-consumer (B2C) clients.

07. Question – How do you measure the success of your websites?
Our Answer – We take great pride in the success we have had meeting the goals of our clients and web users. we want you to be satisfied with a site, To this end we have developed two mechanisms to measure success.

» Satisfaction Reviews – At the end of each project, we will do a satisfaction review. You will be given an opportunity to tell us how we did. While the Satisfaction Review does not directly evaluate the profitability of your site, often a highly satisfied client is a good early indicator that the site will be profitable.

» Goal Evaluation – During the early stages of a project we will work with you to help you set measurable goals for your site. After the site has been launched and adequate time has been given to achieve the goals, usually 6 months to a year, we will evaluate the success of your site in meeting those goals.

Development Philosophy

08. Question – Do you have a formal process that all projects go through?
Our Answer – Yes, we do. Our process has evolved through years of experience with dozens of diverse web projects. Our process borrows principles from project management for software development. Each project at its inception has phases, deliverables, tasks and timelines defined. Each phase works to refine a deliverable that will be presented to the client for approval before commencement of the next phase.

09. Question – What is the client role in the development process?
Our Answer – We strive to work with our clients as a seamless team. As such our process is flexible enough to let you determine what level of involvement you want. Some clients want heavy, daily involvement in particular aspects of development, others want to let us handle everything. Your input to the project will be defined at the beginning of the project based on your project needs and your preferences.

10. Question – How will you provide constant communication to me on the status of my project throughout development?
Our Answer – TechMynd knows that client-vendor communication is critical to a long-term successful relationship. As such we go above and beyond in our communications efforts with clients.

All clients have a dedicated project manager that acts as a single point of contact for project needs. Your project manager will facilitate communications via two primary mechanisms:

» Review Points – every project has multiple review points where your TechMynd project manager will meet in person or via teleconference review discussion points and defines requirements.

» Weekly Status Reports – Your project manager will provide a status update at the end of each week.

11. Question – Do I own the code used to create my website?
Our Answer – After we have received final payment for your project, you will own all the end files used to create your site. We normally protect proprietary source files that may contain trade secretes such as Flash “.fla” files, Photoshop “.psd” files. Clients generally don?t need these files, if you do, we can negotiate special terms for you to license the rights to the source files.

12. Question – What are an project manager’s primary duties during development?
Our Answer – Assuring the project stays within budget and on schedule, facilitates communication, and achieves complete client satisfaction.

13. Question – How long will it take to develop my site?
Our Answer – Site development, of course, depends on the type of site. We typically recommend allowing 4-6 weeks for standard custom sites. Advanced sites particularly those with extensive programming can take 3 months or more. If you need a custom site faster we offer rush services for an additional fee.

FastTrack websites take 2-4 weeks from the time we have your site information, add 1-2 weeks for the e-commerce version.

14. Question – Will I be required to provide materials based on a schedule you provide for me?
Our Answer – Yes. In order to meet the required finish date, we will need any materials you are providing for the site by a certain date. If a client does miss a client deliverable deadline, the website delivery date will be delayed.

15. Question – Will I have a single point-of-contact for any Questions or issues I might have during the project?
Our Answer – Yes. You will be assigned an project manager who will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

The Cost

16. Question – How much can I expect to pay for a complete website?
Our Answer – We offer two classes of websites, high-end custom sites and budget conscious FastTrack sites.

Custom site solutions are ideal for companies that can realize Rs 20,000 or more in added profitability from their website. Sites that produce tens of thousands or more per year need to be highly professional. Typically, marketing-type custom sites run Rs20,000 to Rs50,000. Custom sites that are exceptionally large, complex, or have extensive programming will be more, even running into 6 figures for highly advanced projects.

For those on a tight budget that need a solid, productive website they can be proud of, FastTrack is the perfect Answer. FastTrack is a streamlined development process that uses premium templates to produce high-end looking websites for a fraction of the price for custom design. The FastTrack is only Rs 8,000 for the standard or Rs15,000 for the e-commerce version.

17. Question – Are there any other support costs associated with a website?
Our Answer – Maintenance costs for typical websites are minimal. Generally the only cost is hosting and any changes you may need us to make. Hosting typically runs Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 per year.

18. Question – What payment structure is offered for websites?
Our Answer – Sites under Rs 20,000 are usually 50% down to start and 50% at project completion. Larger projects will usually require a smaller percentage down (30% typically), payments at mid-project milestones and a final payment on completion (30%-40% typically).

FastTrack sites are Rs 5,000 down with the remainder due upon completion.

19. Question – How can I be assured I won?t be hit with hidden charges?
Our Answer – We have a proven contract system to assure you always know exactly what you are getting and how much it will be, no surprises ever.

Creative & Web Page Development

20. Question – What creative and web page development software do you use?
Our Answer – We use Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash MX and Fireworks MX and more.

21. Question – In what browsers do you design and test your sites to view correctly?
Our Answer – We have a test lab with multiple operating systems and browsers. Your site will be tested to work properly on the most widely used browsers:

» Internet Explorer
» Mozilla Firefox
» Apple Safari

The above browsers represent 99% of all browsers currently used. If you have special needs, we can develop for additional browsers at your request.

22. Question – Do you build your websites to be search engine friendly?
Our Answer – Yes. TechMynd has unique page coder training and standards that assures your website will maximize its search engine ranking potential.

23. Question – Are you able to provide Flash animation?
Our Answer – Yes, we have experienced Flash programmers on staff that can create basically any kind of animation you desire.

24. Question – Are you able to integrate streaming audio and video into your websites?
Our Answer – Yes. We have specialists trained in audio/video editing and compression.

Application/Technical Development

25. Question – What web application development environment and servers do you use?
Our Answer – Over the years our developers have worked with all major web enabled languages (PHP, JSP and ASP/.net), most popular databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle). We have developed on Windows platforms including; PHP Triad (Apache/PHP/MySQL) and Windows/IIS.

This very diverse background gives us unique insight into the practicality of each technology. For each new project, we will review your requirements, current technical environment and expertise and provide a recommended development environment.

Web Hosting

26. Question – Do you provide hosting? Is it in-house or do you outsource to another company and if so why them?
Our Answer – We provide dedicated and shared hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms. It is not in-house hosting, we outsource to another company which have their own servers that are managed 24×7 in a world-class hosting facility in USA.

27. Question – Do I have to host with you?
Our Answer – No. Typically, we recommend that most of our client?s host with us because we have standardized our servers to have all the services that may be needed for development. Over 80% of our clients do host with us. Some clients chose to keep their existing hosting companies and some host on-site. We can work with any scenario.

28. Question – Does your hosting offer a control panel to allow me to manage all my web services.
Our Answer – All our shared hosting plans come with cPanel. cPanel is a browser based system that integrates web hosting services. It will allow you to manage e-mail configuration, databases, several popular web applications, server statistics and much more.

29. Question – How much space and/or bandwidth do I get with my hosting account?
Our Answer – Our standard business plan comes with 50MB of space and 500MB of monthly transfer, more than enough for most business websites. You can increase these for a nominal charge. To learn more about our web hosting package, click here.

30. Question – Do you handle my domain name registration or transfer? Do you charge extra for this?
Our Answer – Yes, we take care of your domain name registration at no extra cost.

31. Question – Do I own the domain name used for my site?
Our Answer – If we acquire the domain name for you, ownership will be transferred to you upon final payment for your website.

32. Question – What steps do you take to prevent loss of my site due to server failure?
Our Answer – All of the servers are in a state-of-the-art hosting facility where they are continuously monitored for problems. If there is ever a problem with a server, techs are available 24 hours a day to respond and correct the problem.

33. Question – What is the guaranteed uptime for your hosting service?
Our Answer – 99.9% guaranteed uptime.


34. Question – In what types of e-commerce are you proficient.
Our Answer – We have provided solutions for all levels of e-commerce including:

» Simple one-click purchases through Pay-Pal and other credit card gateways
» Economical off-the-shelf shopping cart software
» Advanced custom e-commerce solutions

35. Question – Do you provide seamless credit card processing with SSL security?
Our Answer – Yes.

36. Question – How secure is the transaction process provided?
Our Answer – The entire transaction process is secured with 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the strongest commercially available encryption.

37. Question – Does the card processing system provide address and CCV2 verification?
Our Answer – Yes. Address verification and CCV2 reduces the chance of fraud and charge-backs.

38. Question – Does your shopping cart provide a secure administration system where I can change prices, add, and delete products?
Our Answer – Yes, it does.

39. Question – Is your shopping cart search engine friendly?
Our Answer – Yes. We have one of the most search engine friendly solutions currently available. Our e-commerce specialists are also trained in how to tune the cart to achieve optimum results.

If you require a custom built e-commerce solution we will integrate all search engine friendly requirements.


40. Question – How will my site be maintained?
Our Answer – We plan site maintenance around your needs. Contrary to industry trends, we will enable you to maintain your own website if you wish.

Often we co-manage sites with our clients. The client typically does their own copy changes and request we do more advance changes. We will be available to make changes on an hourly or project basis. Our hourly fees are Rs 500 for graphics and text changes and Rs 1,000 for programming modifications.

We also offer priority maintenance contracts if you anticipate more than 2 hours of update work a month.

If you host with us, you will have access to a comprehensive control panel, cPanel. cPanel will allow you to manage your e-mail, databases, applications and much more.

41. Question – Do you provide email support?
Our Answer – Yes, we do.

42. Question – Do you provide Live Chat Service?
Our Answer – Yes, we do. You can chat with us at any time using MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and GTalk.